Located in Indianapolis, The Koelschip serves beers of distinction. Some made by our friends. And all meant to inspire. 

We live and drink in a time with more styles, ingredients, and process knowledge about brewing than perhaps any time in our history.  And we aim to show that widening spectrum across our own bar, served alongside the beers we brew ourselves at Central State Brewing, to be enjoyed by a broadening audience in Indianapolis — a place in the heart of the exotic Midwest where small towns and cities are becoming increasingly diverse and open to new flavors and ideas. 

But you can totally just come party with us if you want. 



(317) 414-9539



2505 N Delaware St.
Indianapolis, IN 46205



M-Th 2p–10p
Fr/Sa 12p–10p
Su 12p–8p(ish)


Drink List


Making money and drinking fancy beers aren't the only reason we got into the bar business. We also want to make our community more vibrant and awesome place to live and we care about our patrons as not just customers but friends and neighbors.

This month $1 of any draft sales of these beers supports something that supports all of us.

We plan to continue giving throughout 2017. While the beers and non-profit groups may change, we are committed to $1 per draft sale of select beers supporting our community.